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Anomali PLTU Paiton Units 3 & 4


Master Plan of PLTU Paiton has been designed since year 1985, the result of a visible study that it was planned to build 8 Units Coal Fired Power Plant as a early scenario, Units 1 to 4 owned by PT PJB and Units 5 to 8 owned by Private Company. PLTU Paiton is located in Paiton-Probolinggo. It’s Location about ± 52 KM of town of Probolinggo or ± 142 KM of town of Surabaya toward east. The Area of PLTU Paiton project are ± 437 HA, including ± 200 HA for the Ash Disposal Area and ± 32 HA for the Housing of employees

Development of PLTU Paiton planned step by step, in the year 1987 development start to be conducted for preparation of farm as well as including coastal reclamation. The early development stage started with Unit 1 & 2 property of PT PJB and it was planned operating in the year 1993 / 1994. At the time of development of Unit 1 & 2 also directly prepared the facilities of common for Unit 3 & 4 because the location is side by side nearby with the unit 1 & 2 that next belong to PT PJB.

In according to plan in the year 1993 and 1994, Unit 1 & 2 operating (2 x 400 MW), however development for phase hereinafter Unit 3 & 4 not yet respons to be executed because PLN has gotten difficulties in financing, so that development for to next phase continued by private company that is PT PEC Unit 7 & 8 ( 2 x 600 MW ) operating year 1998 / 1999 and PT Jawa Power Unit 5 & 6 ( 2 x 600 MW ) and operate year 2000 / 2001, so that till now location of Unit 3 & 4 still untouched and finally become operator wanted of private company.


in line with the policy of government to lessen subsidy to PLN, PLN require to build generating of non oil fuel, because generating with oil fuel its operating expenses very high so that cause depended factor of subsidy to high government also. To overcome that problem the government made a planning of crash program development of Coal fired power plant 10.000 MW. Coal fired power plant selected because low operating expenses and existence of supply which enough in this country.

PLTU Paiton become one of the location selected for the development of generating , which become of question is why do not use in location Unit 3 & 4 which have good location and also facility of common, selected exactly new Unit of PLTU Paiton 9 ( 600 MW ) what still require of farm as well as development of facility of common while Unit 3 & 4 untouched

PT PJB as candidate owner of generating of Unit 3 & 4 have tried maximally for example by doing lobby and deliver commission 8 of the parliamentary for the direct vision of location, on the chance of there is support of the parliamentary, even the union organization of PJB has complain as well as questioning this matter to PLN as owner of decision and to the Parliamentary but till now there is no result. PLN have occasion to PJB do not have fund which last for developing the generating and if this matter is forced by hence will drag its mains ( PLN ), however exactly why PLN to cooperate with the investor of Chinese to build PLTU Paiton Unit 9 which its condition have to open new farm as well as developing the common facility which its of course need very high investment.

See history of the development of PLTU Unit 3 & 4 and see the participants of contest beauty following the tender, this matter is conducted do not get out of the part of compensation to the existence of electricity price renegotiation with the private company between PT PLN with PT PEC and of PT PLN with PT Jawa Power. According to the daily Kompas dated 17 February 2007 mentioned that PLN will chosen company capable to give lower price for the PT PEC Have to bargain under US$ cent 4,9 KWH and of PT Java of Power have to under US$ cent 4,7 / KWH.

Though on the other side PJB have owned asset of facility of common for the price of 2,48 Billion , so that if by deeper calculation again, hence conducive PT PJB will be dare to bargain lower price again from the both of generating of private company.


See the existing condition and fact and till now the winner of the tender also not yet been determined, PT PLN as determinant of the decision require to consider to repeat to involve PJB in tender. Because with the condition in this time from the technical aspect of PT PJB have owned facility of common cover : Chlorination Plant, Water Treatment Plant, H2 Plant, Coal Handling, Ship Unloader, Oil Jetty, Stock of Pile , Reclaim Hoper, Intake Tunnel and Line transmission 500 KV which have available to Unit 3 & 4, of course this matter will be more profit and during the time PJB have also accounted decreasing expense of facility of common the level of reaching 2,48 billion ( exchange rate assumption 1 USD = . 2.500,- in the year 1994 ).

Beside that if the development of PLTU Paiton Unit 3 & 4 by PT PJB of course this matter will be more improve capacities generating of coal fired in PT PJB, in this time PT PJB has capacities attached equal to 6511 MW and using coal fired only PLTU Paiton Unit 1 & 2 ( 2 x 400 MW ), the others using Oil. PT PJB of course will be influenced by direct impact of plan of crash program 10.000 MW because by operating with the oil consumption of this matter and standby of course will be encumbering of PT PJB , though assess physical asset of PJB downhill progressively otherwise there is new generating addition specially generating of coal fired, estimated in the year 2013 capacities attached by PJB will only remain 5.061 MW , so that development of PLTU Paiton Unit 3 & 4 by PJB become realistic if this matter non becoming the problem of political.

In fact there are some other alternative if the condition above do not enable, see the condition of facility and location of readily and by fact PT PJB do not have enough fund hence can be done by some scenario of are :

1. Capital sharing with the private company so that the Unit 3 & 4 owned by PT PJB and Private
2. PT PJB can be develop of Unit 3 and Private company of Unit 4 on the condition that the
private company have to give compensation of the common facility which have made available
3. The Last alternative are the development done by the private company
while the operation and maintenance by PT PJB.


1. PLTU Paiton Unit 3 & 4 owning the location and the strategic role so that should be owned by PT PJB, because in the location has been prepared some common facilities including with the unit 1 & 2

2. PLTU Paiton Unit 3 & 4 should be owned by PT PJB because PT PJB will be directly impact of crash program 10.000 MW.

3. The financial problem of PLN as mains of PJB can be solved through soft loan on the other hand it’s could be joint venture with the private company.

4. If the alternative above could not be may be PT PJB involved in the operation and maintenance unit 3 & 4 because PT PJB has been prepared some common facilities and human resources.

Mr Prie

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